The Month in Review: Summer Is Still Here!

Behind the Scenes

In addition to the sports-related articles I typically work with, I edited a really interesting article this month about a 14th century Sienese fresco by Ambrogio Lorenzetti. I have been to Italian churches that old, but I never paid much attention to the walls. I had no idea these paintings could be so dynamic and alive, rich in religious and secular symbolism! I’m more a fan of French medieval art, but I will certainly be looking at my favorite pieces with a more critical eye from now on.

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What I’ve Been Saying

I have finished the third draft of my forthcoming book The Nun Diaries, expanding the text by over 35%. I plan to tie up a few loose narrative threads before I send it for a final edit. My editor Leah Campbell did such an amazing job of helping my third draft grow from leaps and bounds over the second – I owe her a debt of gratitude for the transformational work she did on it!

What I’ve Been Reading

Honestly, I have been so busy working on my own book I have had no time for fun reading. One of the most interesting things I read this month was an article called “The Ideal Length of Everything Online, Backed by Research.” It is beyond cool because it takes a lot of social media metrics, breaks it down and explains the science and psychology behind it. For example, I will admit I am already breaking several take-aways in it because my blog post is under 1,600 words, my headline was longer than 6 words and  my domain name is longer than 8 characters (with a hyphen to boot!).

But this is my first blog post, so I am cutting myself a little slack…

On the Prairie

It still remains disgustingly warm in the 80s here on the Plains. Football is in full swing, the pumpkin patches have wee tots crawling all over the place and all my friends are squeeing with glee about Pumpkin Spice Lattes back at Starbucks (not my thing – I’m a plain Jane with my black coffee). I am more than ready to break out my boots, sweaters, jackets and boots. C’mon, fall! But as long as we’re spoiled with vistas like this, I suppose I can’t complain…IMG_1921

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