The Month in Review: Nobel Prized Possession

Behind the Scenes

I edited a really cool article this month emphasizing the importance of creating a good strength base for female soccer players. This reminds me of why I need to stick with my physical therapy as I struggle to return to running again. The article I did highlighted the importance of incremental successes. Since I haven’t run in a year, it is easy for me to get frustrated with how slow the progress is, but I trust in the process and I trust I will be a better runner when this is all done!


What I’ve Been Reading

I can’t lie – I literally screamed when I heard Patrick Modiano won the Nobel Prize for Literature this month. He was the first 20th century French novelist I got into. What particularly affects me is how he talks in echoes – colors, gestures, places and characters come back to haunt you like something out of a memory. I dusted off my well-loved copy of Out of the Dark, from his Du plus loin de l’oubli translated by my mentor Jordan Stump. The nameless narrator tells of his first time he talked to his lost love after 15 years apart:

And the conversation would go on for hours on this terrace. Empty words, hollow sentences, as if she and I had outlived ourselves and could no longer make even the slightest allusion to the past. She was perfectly comfortable with her part. And I didn’t blame her: As I went along I too had forgotten nearly everything about my life, and each time wholes stretches of it had fallen to dust I’d felt a pleasant sensation of lightness (132).

And if you think that prose is intoxicating, you should read it in French!

Have any documents you need translated into French or Spanish? Reach out – I would love to talk to you about how I can help! I did my honors thesis under Professor Stump and he was the one who instilled in me a passion for conveying the meaning through translation.

On the Prairie

Even though the weather turns on a dime from 50 degrees one day to 80 the next, I had fun attending a local craft show – one of the first of the season. I went knock-kneed for a coffee table that was a refurb of a mid-century table, sanded down, painted with chalk paint then sealed with wax. Simply gorgeous! See here with my birthday Harry & David pears from my bestie Cat.


KABOOM! Enjoy the explosion of autumn colors around town courtesy of Mother Nature!




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