The Month in Review: Blogs and Beats

blogger-meme-7Behind the Scenes

I have price packages up for my blogging services. If you own a small business and just have no time to blog, let me do the heavy lifting. Blogging is such a wonderful way to keep your website updated, engage with your customers and work your way up the Google rankings. Reach out to me if you would like a no-obligation chat about what I can do to help your business!

I finished ghostwriting a great little ebook for a fellow member of a group of women entrepreneurs that I belong to. The biggest takeaway I got from it was that if there is something I do not like in my life, I have to be the one to change it. Complaining, gossiping and doing nothing about it change nothing. If I want to break the status quo, the change must come from me & no one else!

What I’ve Been Reading

My copy of Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Bibliography of Laura Ingalls Wilder is still on backorder after 10 weeks. So I picked up the first book of French poetry I have read in several years – Calligrammes by Guillaume Apollinaire. I used to use his picture poems teaching my upper-level French students, but this time out I particularly enjoyed ‘La grâce exilée.’ The text translates, ‘Go away go away my rainbow/Go away charming colors/This exile is necessary for you/Infanta of changing colors/And the rainbow is exiled/Since we exile that which has rainbow colors/But a sheet flew/On the north wind to take your place.’ I like the bittersweet juxtaposition of glorious colors and sad regret of missing out on ethereal beauty.

On the Prairie

It has been a cold February here but I have been out and running three times a week. With the blessing of my physical therapist, I am running my first 5K in 3 years this April. I can’t wait to continue training and get myself back to the shape I used to be in. By far the best thing is I run out in the bitter cold air and enjoy the star-filled sky as I run along, techno music pulsing in my ears at dawn.


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