The Month in Review: Pioneer Girl and a 5K





5KBehind the Scenes

It has been a quiet month because I have been buried in my computer to put the finishing touches on my upcoming memoir The Nun Diaries: Why I Was a One Year Nun. Stay tuned for launch details!

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What I’ve Been Reading

As I have been talking about for months, I finally finished my copy of Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Bibliography. I won’t bore you with the minutiae of the book, but here were some of my biggest takeaways:

  • Rose Wilder Lane nurtured and developed Laura Ingalls Wilder’s natural writing talent. But it came at a high price because two of Rose’s most famous novels were direct rip-offs of Laura’s undoctored manuscript.
  • I never knew the Ingalls family lived in the Big Woods more than once. They lived there, moved to Kansas, then back to Wisconsin before moving to Iowa.
  • The Ingalls family were good people, but Laura gave them the whitewash treatment for their audience. They barely lived above the poverty line and were always on the brink of financial ruin, but Pa and Ma somehow managed to make it work.
  • Pamela Smith Hill did a staggering feat by assembling photos, newspaper clippings, journals and other memorabilia to piece together the Ingalls and Wilder histories. Truth be told, I read the book twice – once for the manuscript, and a second time just to read the dense footnotes which were (I’m almost ashamed to say) more interesting than Laura’s work!

On the Prairie

It has been such a gorgeous month here. April started off with blossoms on every single tree you looked at (see sample above). The barren trees exploded almost overnight into pink and white. It was such a pleasure to go on my early morning runs and breathe in the heady but delicate cherry and apple scents.

Speaking if which, I finished my first 5K race in two years. It was an event to raise awareness for organ donation, a cause close to me because my bestie (on the right) received a kidney two years ago. My time was 47:12 which I am sure many people could walk faster, but I don’t care. My pace was steady. I never faltered or stopped. I came to finish the race, and I did.


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