The Month in Review: No Lazy Days of Summer!

UnknownBehind the Scenes

Indigo Prairie blazed into the summer like a hot prairie wind. I copy edited one of the most interesting books in a long time. It was such a fun experience diving deep into research on the effects media consumption has in our society; it was engaging, informative and entertaining! If your ebook is in need of one final polish, reach out – I would love to talk to you about how to give your book one more look-through to make sure the copy is excellent and something you can be proud of!


What I’ve Been Saying

I was featured on Carol Tice’s excellent “Make a Living Writing” blog talking about my experience finding my first freelance client. You can read it here, and though I won’t spoil all the details, let’s just say Facebook groups factored highly into it. 🙂


What I’ve Been Reading

The only book I had time to crack open this month was Glynis Astie’s French Twist. It is a cute little rom-com based on the author’s real life experiences of marrying a Frenchman. Our hero Sydney Bennett is a goofy, quirky young woman in California who is very gun-shy when it comes to relationships…until she meets Louis Durand, the French knight in shining armor every American woman fantasizes about. I enjoyed the character development and the snappy conversations, although I did get annoyed when Syd, a size 4, fussed over appearing bloated or not being as skinny as French women. And it also bothered me Syd never started learning French, even when she got engaged to Louis. Still, French Twist is an easy, breezy beach read, although because of Sydney’s incessant whining, I doubt I will pick up book 2 and 3 of the trilogy.


On the Prairie

There’s not much to report other than I was wrong to think it was hot and humid. I went to the Ozarks on vacation to see family. While I had a lovely visit, that miserable weather reminded me why I left Missouri!

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