What is an Indigo Prairie?

Indigo_plant_extract_sampleIt’s nothing really mysterious. Like the Indigo Girls, I always loved the sound of the word “indigo,” not to mention it is one of the most gorgeous colors out there. As for the “prairie…” Truth be told, smack in the middle of the Great Plains in Nebraska. Not much here but football, corn, cows and LOTS of grassland!

Who is Indigo Prairie?

Again, there is no great mystery. Indigo Prairie is Annie Kontor, a Nebraska native who writes, edits and translates.


I got my first taste of transforming words when I translated and edited for a software company in France in 2001, and I have never looked back. I have enjoyed working with private companies nonprofits and individual clients. From proofreading short articles to translating curriculum, I loved every project that has been sent my way.

As a former French and Spanish teacher, I have written for nonprofits, academic journals and websites. I have been proofreader and editor to a leading sports coaching journal since the early 2000s in addition to several nonprofit publications.


I have my BA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in French and European Studies with a minor in Spanish. I studied abroad at the Centre de Linguistique-Appliquée in Besançon, France.

After teaching in Héricourt, France for a year as a Fulbright runner-up, I received my MA in French Literature from the University of Kansas.


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  1. Heidi
    July 21, 2015 at 1:20 pm (2 years ago)

    Dear Annie

    I’ve just been reading your book about your year as a nun. I think you are incredibly brave and honest.
    Spending time in community is never wasted as we learn things about ourselves that we would not otherwise have known. It’s a bit like a relationship; we grow through the experience but are not necessarily called to remain with it for life.

    I spent just over three years in a more traditional community in the UK. I too became depressed and went through some painful times. The hardest thing was deciding to leave!

    I am happily Catholic, attend daily Mass and look after our parish priest who has a disability now. I have recently been diagnosed withAspergers Syndrome, which explains some of the difficulties I had with living in community!

    All our experiences in life are like different coloured pieces in a jigsaw. Eventually we can see the pattern / picture when we have put enough pieces together. We need the dark coloured pieces as well as the bright sunny ones.

    Thank you for sharing your experience. It certainly helped me!

    God bless you

    Heidi ♡x


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